Whose mans is this?

Welcome to my crib

Hey, I’m your Sweet and Sour Scarbarian aka SASS… (I actually tried so hard for this word play I give you all the right to cringe and judge me.)

But heyo, thanks for dropping by! I feel humbled that you just boosted up my viewer count by 1… not that stats matter… lol jk aren’t we all tryna get views from the 6?

Ok gross forget I said that, but speaking of the six! I live in Toronto. I eat in Toronto. I write in Toronto. (I also tend to make videos every once in a while – but not always in Toronto.) Travelling is my dream, Toronto is my bed, and I am the snoozer.

Alright since you probably came to find out a little bit about me:

My name’s Amanda! I’m a commuter from Scarborough which is where the word Scarbarian comes from, and here’s a little more in depth bio on where I actually come from. I’m currently a French Studies and Sociology major/minor in my fourth year at Glendon College, but I spend the majority of my time doing things outside of class/homework so am I really even a student?

I wanna thank you for reading words I put together in various orders to try to make sense every Monday afternoon. Tune in every week – same time – to catch up with the biggest mistakes I’ve made as a student, the latest places I’ve fallen in love with, the coolest people I’ve met, and a little bit of everything else!