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From an A to a C real quick

Coming into university, I had no idea what to expect in terms of grades. I’d hear my friends in upper years talk about how their average dropped dramatically and that it’s all normal, but I didn’t believe them until I got my first C+ in French, my Major…

Success – Let’s think about it!

A project by the eAmbassador team of Glendon #GLsuccess This week, through an initiative raised by Francette Maquito (a lovely fellow eAmbassador), our team decided to collaborate on the theme of success. Each of us are writing a post on our personal blogs expressing our ideas on “success” and […]

JumpStart – More Like A Leap!

35 hours, 18 lectures, 1 fried-happy brain… That’s JumpStart! Over the past 5 days, I took part in a program called JumpStart, and as much as my brain basically almost jumped out of the frying pan, I enjoyed all of the spark and fun. The program aims to teach future students […]