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19 things to do before hitting 20

Turning 19 is apparently a milestone because you’ve just become mature enough to make alcoholic choices in the eyes of society and well, law. I’m sure there’s more to being 19 than the legality though, especially if you’re not much of a drinker. 19 is one year closer to 20… which means soon […]

VIDEO: “Exploring” Manitoba!

Tbh, I vlogged this trip to distract myself from fainting on the plane to Manitoba (because I’m terrified of traveling on my own). But, I may have gotten a little carried away and took videos of probably everything! PS. Explore is a 5-week long trip that encourages people aged 18-30 […]

In honour of #IWD: Ladies, it starts with us!

If you’ve been tweeting about International Women’s Day because you’ve been trying to tell men or more specifically your EX that he should have loved you more, you’re doing it wrong. Thankfully most of the posts I’ve seen all week are by beautiful ladies showing some love to the influential women in their […]