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19 things to do before hitting 20

Turning 19 is apparently a milestone because you’ve just become mature enough to make alcoholic choices in the eyes of society and well, law. I’m sure there’s more to being 19 than the legality though, especially if you’re not much of a drinker. 19 is one year closer to 20… which means soon […]

Why we need someone like Trump

My prof in my creative writing class today asked, “Why is silence sometimes sweeter than sound?” And having just gotten off Twitter from reading way too many depressing tweets, I was about to raise my hand to say, “If Trump was silent for the past 40 years, this morning would […]

On a bus for 90 days…

I just did math for the first time in a very long time today and turns out, I spend about 90 full days of my life a year… on a bus. That’s almost 3 WHOLE MONTHS which is basically 25% of my year spent doing nothing but waiting to get […]