The Future

The Future in Pictures and Videos

Welcome to the school! 


The reason I made the password to all these posts “educationiskey” is because I wanted us to be reminded that the way to peace starts with our kids. I used to be part of an organization called Our Kids Our Future and I stand by that name.

It starts with educating the next generation about love. About hope. About life being a gift. And how we need to treasure it the way God intended.

It’s about dedicating ourselves to the task of making future leaders better than we ever were, in faith that it would happen. And it’s about believing the seeds have been planted and the harvest will be ready, whether we’re here to witness it or not.

But if I have the opportunity to go back and be part of the ongoing story, I will. And if you’ve been feeling led to get involved as well, please reach out to me ASAP at this page!

Take a look at the next couple of pictures after our last day of school:

My poser-self, excited knowing I’ll be back here someday (and showing my ankles for the first time in public after about 3 weeks at this point because we weren’t allowed to – I managed to snag this pic while nobody was watching:) 


Here’s the pictures we left with each of our students so they would remember how loved they are, and that someone (or some two people in this case) were always gonna be praying for them: 


And some friendship bracelets we made:


From my kiddos and I, until next time! Let’s mooooove mountains! 

20180703_114839 (1).jpg

This classroom is waiting:


Join me next time, will you?


Thank you again for reading through all these posts and for sharing your love for this world by taking part in this story. We need more people like you!

Please reach out if you’d like to me to talk about this experience more in depth over some chai. I said a lot through these blogs but I have much, much more to say and I would love to keep sharing – it helps me process things anyway!

And again, if you’re itching to get involved so this work would continue definitely reach out!

I love you so much. And Jesus loves you infinitely.

Thank you for being a blessing in my life and the lives of my kiddos.


P.S. Here’s a little video of my friends singing at an ancient auditorium in Jordan to encourage you that we have a God that goes before us always, no matter what the circumstance is:


Oh and a picture of this beautiful team of ladies because God seriously blessed me with them – I seriously wouldn’t have been able to be my best-teacher-self without them:


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