The Journey

Teaching in Jordan: Little videos of the journey there!

Here’s a collection of short videos showing the travel journey starting from Chicago (the end of training) & onward!


Us pretending we were already in Jordan because of this beautiful mosaic of Petra that we found at the airport: (If you didn’t know what Petra was, it’s okay I didn’t either until I learned more about Jordan itself, but it’s basically a World Wonder there!)




Getting super pumped now to check-in for our flight to Abu Dhabi (connecting flight!)




Boarding our flight to Jordan after our 14-hour one! *IT WAS SO HOT OUT THERE Y’ALL* but I miss the Middle Eastern heat, not gonna lie:




LANDING IN JORDAN!!! Fast-forward the video to 1:01 minutes!




Heading to our hotel for training in Amman!!




Amman, you’re a beauty! 




Caught a video of the Muslim call to prayer that you would typically hear 5 times a day in Jordan:




Thanks for stopping by this post, next up: the Culture of beautiful Jordan in words



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