YouTubers I’ve been watching instead of Netflix lately

This lent, I decided to give up New Girl on Netflix after considering the typical omnivore diet.

Jess judging me like…

As tempting as it’s been to turn on Netflix and push aside my plans to take part in the occasion, I’m doing it in hopes of gaining more time with God – whether it gives me more time to read my Bible, pray, or watch videos that help me on my spiritual walk. People usually give up food, or chocolate, or whatever it is they have a hard time giving up, because it develops self-discipline.

Or, so I thought that’s what fasting was made for.

Apparently, fasting from foods like meats, dairy, etc… was originally done to give people more time to spend with God instead of spending that time preparing meals. So, you would live off the bare minimum to spend that hour of preparing steak to converse with God, attend mass, make music maybe? Whatever it is you do to devote more time to God.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing (because I don’t spend too much time cooking in the first place and therefore don’t need to give it up); I’m letting go of New Girl and replacing it with videos that teach me more about Biblical stories, or exposes me to debatable topics from a Christian perspective, or encourages me to live out my values, etc…

I wanted to share some of these lovely YouTube personalities that have encouraged me, inspired me, or some of which are super entertaining!

(Also, I low-key haven’t had the chance to really map out a full-on, passionate, life-giving, blog post so hopefully this can do me justice today.)

Here’s the main three YouTube channels/series I’ve checked out recently and their latest videos:

Milena Ciciotti 

Jess and Gabriel Conte 

Middle Ground Series by Jubilee

Annnnd, I’ve also just finished watching A.D Kingdom and Empire. So educational yet so thrilling! Next up, The Bible.

I feel like my latest choices of entertainment have been way more productive in terms of building my relationship with God this lentand I don’t have an urge to flip on New Girl as much as I used to. To be fair (and honest), it’s not the most encouraging show to build your faith on. The past couple weeks have made me reconsider what I find entertaining, especially as I grow older and become more conscientious of what I consume.

Maybe that’s fasting working it’s magic?

P.S. 2 years ago I gave up Netflix completely for 81 days, and it changed my life. Stop by that post!

Thanks for reading y’all! What are you watching on YouTube? I’d love to check out some content that’s as encouraging or perhaps even some that’s different from what I’ve gotten used to!

All suggestions are welcome ❤

Happy Monday!



Featured Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

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