Christmas Chats with Radio Glendon #FêtesGL

Every year, the eAmbassadors blog about our holidays using the hashtag #FêtesGL.

Last Friday, I had the chance to talk to Marie, hostess of “What’s Going On” at Radio Glendon. We talked all things Christmas, my absolute favourite holiday ever.

So this year, I’m talking about a white Christmas, family traditions, and challenging the cookie-cutter answers to the meaning of Christmas by acknowledging gift-giving. Here’s the recap of our 45-minute chat. Leave a comment with your favourite holiday activity after you’ve watched it, I’d love to hear what you do, and maybe try it out myself!

Thanks for watching y’all, I hope you felt the Christmas cheer and I hope you carry it through till the 25th (and onwards, if I had it my way)!

Find Radio Glendon here.

Find Marie’s page here.

Happy holidays!!


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