VIDEO: A trip to the Holy Land – best history class ever

Hey Monday-lovin’s!

This is no ordinary blog post… I’m treating y’all to a video this week!!!


I’ve finally been able to recapitulate into a four minute vlog all the footage of this trip that makes me feel some type of way!!!

My post with the pictures a couple weeks back did not serve this trip any justice. Here’s to moving-pictures to give it a shot. (Although, I really don’t think any form of media will be able to express the magnitude of educational and spiritual impact the experience left on me!)

It was of course 3 months ago…. but it will stay in my heart for as long as this video stays up on my YouTube channel… which by the way… are you a subscriber yet!?

(Subscribe so you can be the first to watch a special guest on my channel next Monday!!)



(P.S. I will acknowledge that there is a conflict in this part of the world, but I will not be commenting on it in this week’s post. This video is dedicated to a personal journey of my faith and a discovery of my Assyrian heritage, which has direct ties to this part of the world stemming from thousands of years of history. I gained general knowledge on the geopolitical situation. It’s a complicated one, as Middle Eastern politics always is. I’ve started to educate myself, and I’ll learn more through time. I respectfully ask for patience.)

Until next week on Mondays with Manda!!



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