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7 events to look out for this year if you’re a Bachelor of Education student at York

Summer break is officially over y’all. It took me a month into the semester to actually acknowledge it because I humbly refuse to accept that we’re getting closer to the colder months. Someone told me Fall’s said to be the most beautiful it’s ever been in Toronto though so I guess it’s not so bad? Who wants to come with me to see all the beautiful forests and cliffs next week!? We’ll make an event out of it some time.

Speaking of events, I’m talking to y’all about a couple of non-necessarily-Fall-related events in this week’s post!

I know many of my friends studying to be teachers are eager to get back in the groove and work on themselves this year more than ever before. I love seeing people motivated to improve themselves in any way, shape, or form, with a pressing desire to reach their potential – it only means they’ll be the best teachers ever. Can you teach us your ways?


To my lovely peers hustling to become the best version of themselves in hopes of becoming the best teachers ever, here’s a list of events and opportunities you’re gonna want to look out for this year at York!

(If you have any questions about these please contact me or anybody at your Faculty of Education Student Association!)

#1. What: Professional Development Conference
When: November 18th
Where: York University – Keele campus

-Listen to speakers
-Meet new people
-Get a certificate

This event is one of the most awesome ways to engage yourself in the educational world with experts and the teachers with passion in their eyes. You get a certificate out of it at the end, and many schools acknowledge this certificate when it comes to landing practicum placements or even jobs. (Also: it costs less than $15 to attend! Some of the proceeds FESA collects from students at events goes towards an awesome school we support in Wikondiek, Kenya!)



#2. What: International Conference
When: January 20th
Where: York University – Keele campus

If you’re looking for post-graduation options that don’t necessarily involve teaching in Ontario, but rather the entire world, come to the International Conference! You get to learn all about teaching and internship opportunities outside of Canada while also attending workshops on various topics. Enhance your vision while on your path of becoming a teacher! This one costs less than $15 too and you get a certificate for attending!

Did I mention you get lunch?


#3. What: Round-table Discussion
When: October 18th, 2017 (hopefully a monthly thing)
Where: Glendon Campus

So you like pizza, and you like people?

I’ll be honest; some days I love pizza, some days I love people.

Who am I kidding? I love pizza every day.


Now if you like both pizza and people all the time, first of all… I’d like to be around you more. Second of all, join your fellow teacher candidates at these in-person events where you meet new people, talk about education, watch cool videos, and have lots of pizza!

I’m hoping these will be bilingual!

Look out for more dates on Facebook as they become available (see #7 for Facebook groups)

#4. What: Live streams
When: TBA
Where: Online

I’ve been aiming to host live streams during the year – kinda like a talk show where I ask viewers for their opinions. I’m hoping to make it a platform for future teachers to share their thoughts and ideas and stimulate discussion on different news-worthy topics tugging for our attention as born-to-be teachers! Maybe have guests too!? If y’all have suggestions please leave a comment below, or message me!

P.S. you’ll hear about them closer to December! (see #7 again)

#5. What: Workshops and Seminars
When: Dates TBA
Where: Probably Keele campus

Here’s your best friend for the year: a calendar of lovely workshops and seminars York (& sometimes outsiders) will be offering and updating, designed for teacher candidates like you.

Also, you’ll hear about certain events like First Aid, Smartboard, Artful Math, Resume and Cover Letter sessions, and Tribes through social media in the upcoming months!

#6. What: Monthly social events!
When: Dates TBA
Where: Will vary

These range from book sales, to movie nights, to everything in between. They’ll be posted about and advertised around campus and on Facebook – keep your eyes out! Speaking of… have you joined our Facebook groups to stay in the loop? There’s one specifically for you.

JOIN NOW before you forget! (I feel like an automated advertisement – sorry y’all)

YorkU FESA: Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

FESA: Faculty of Education Students’ Association – York University

Glendon French Studies BEd


FESA: York ED: CEC Campus – Year 1: 2017/2018

FESA: York Ed -Educational Studies

FESA: York ED: P.J Keele – Year 1: 2017/2018 (Primary/Junior)

FESA: York ED: J.I Keele- Year 1: 2017/2018 (Junior/Intermediate)

FESA: York ED- I.S Keele – Year 1: 2017/2018 (Intermediate/Senior)

FESA: York ED – P/J Keele- Year 2: 2017-2018 (Primary/Junior)

FESA: York ED – J/I Keele- Year 2: 2017/ 2018 (Junior/Intermediate)

FESA: York ED: I/S Keele- Year 2: 2017-2018 (Intermediate/Senior)

#7. What: End of the year formal!
When: February/March (there is a doodle poll on the Facebook page you are part of according to your cohort that you can fill out to tell us what day better suits your schedule!)
Where: You’ll find out next semester!

This one is self-explanatory. Come out for a good time. Talk to friends about how fast this year flew by. Eat great food. Dance all the carbs away. Meet the love of your life.


Ok I might have went too far on that last one, but hey you never know… a party full of teachers, looking mighty fine? And who are probably great with kids? Marry me.


Thanks for reading this week’s post, y’all! I hope to meet you in person at these events. If you found it helpful at all please do share it with your teacher candidate friends! Let’s get as many people as possible out to these events in the spirit of unity and empowerment.

You can think about it this way: if you embody these values now, how easy will it be for you to communicate them to your students when you’re in the classroom!?

Much love my passionate potentials – talk to you all next week on Mondays with Manda!



Have thoughts about the ones I shared above? Comment down below:

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