Student Life

If every month had a definition: University Student Edition

Between balancing responsibilities, celebrations, and plain old life, we can probably give the months of the year specific definitions at this point. Here’s how I see it:

January: way too quiet it’s kinda sketchy, people slipping on ice, Ryerson students apparently still on break?

judigng you.gif

February: singles awareness month, Christmas tree still up, probably pretending to enjoy the snow


March: feeling betrayed because of that one day that feels like Spring, holy cow look at all these due dates coming up

April: buying chocolate all month guilt-free, probably near death experiences with school

take nap 2.giftake nap

May: how the heck is it May already? And why is it everyone’s birthday? And where did all this traffic come from?

June: the start of pretty rooftop patios, backyard bday parties & fruit-infused water


July: brb gone for a road trip (or a full-time job bcs let’s be honest you’re broke & tuition’s got you wrapped around its finger)

August: trying to salvage every bit of summer left, possibly travelling abroad, trying to read the books you promised yourself you’d read, wasting $$$ at the CNE

September: mixed feelings

October: photographer for the month, taking pictures of trees, don’t know if you’re gonna celebrate halloween, explaining to Americans your thanksgiving is now

November: the month between halloween and the holidays, probably feeling guilty bout reusing your poppy from last year, metro pass for December or nah?

December: so. much. going. on. what. is. life. bank account is shook, Merry Christmas!?


How else do y’all see the months of the year? Comment your fave & how you’d describe it!


My pretty petits potentials always,


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  1. May is the month my bank account turned upside down! It’s everybody’s birthday in my family, it’s my friends’ birthdays and it’s my birthday! Every year, that month drives me crazy.

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