If every month had a definition: University Student Edition

Between balancing responsibilities, celebrations, and plain old life, we can probably give the months of the year specific definitions at this point. Here’s how I see it:

January: way too quiet it’s kinda sketchy, people slipping on ice, Ryerson students apparently still on break?

judigng you.gif

February: singles awareness month, Christmas tree still up, probably pretending to enjoy the snow


March: feeling betrayed because of that one day that feels like Spring, holy cow look at all these due dates coming up

April: buying chocolate all month guilt-free, probably near death experiences with school

take nap 2.giftake nap

May: how the heck is it May already? And why is it everyone’s birthday? And where did all this traffic come from?

June: the start of pretty rooftop patios, backyard bday parties & fruit-infused water


July: brb gone for a road trip (or a full-time job bcs let’s be honest you’re broke & tuition’s got you wrapped around its finger)

August: trying to salvage every bit of summer left, possibly travelling abroad, trying to read the books you promised yourself you’d read, wasting $$$ at the CNE

September: mixed feelings

October: photographer for the month, taking pictures of trees, don’t know if you’re gonna celebrate halloween, explaining to Americans your thanksgiving is now

November: the month between halloween and the holidays, probably feeling guilty bout reusing your poppy from last year, metro pass for December or nah?

December: so. much. going. on. what. is. life. bank account is shook, Merry Christmas!?


How else do y’all see the months of the year? Comment your fave & how you’d describe it!


My pretty petits potentials always,