9 essentials for your next trip that you’ll probably forget to bring

Traveling to new country is absolutely amazing… until you realize your hotel room outlets aren’t compatible with your charger. #1stworldprobs

Just kidding, traveling is amazing regardless of the mishaps. You learn something every time; about yourself and about the world. But, you really wouldn’t want something so easily avoidable (and easily portable) to get in the way of your experience.

So obviously you would expect me to suggest #1 on the list of essentials that would help make your trip a great one:

1. An adapter 

I’ve learned to double check what kind of outlets a country uses before I go on a trip (aka asking my parents).

I wouldn’t want to end up running around the hotel lobby looking for an adapter to charge my laptop (while getting all the dirty looks because I seem spoiled and more interested in checking my Facebook than speaking with the locals).

Meanwhile, all I really want to do with my laptop is write about the woman I sat beside on the plane who went on adventures in Mexico in her motorbike as a retired academic.

2. An umbrella

A small umbrella never hurt anybody. Actually, I lied. They can probably hurt depending on how you use them.

umbrellas gif.gif

For real though, you never know when one might come in handy. You would think you wouldn’t need one in the Dominican Republic while you’re on a vacation for the sun – but the rain is unpredictable. And when it rains for 4/7 days of your trip, your only choice is to embrace it.

Put on that poncho, grab an umbrella, and go explore! Your camera lens will thank you.

3. An extra pair of earphones 

Picture a 3 hour train ride with a crying baby and a broken pair of earphones. Plus, we already know if we have to deal with distance and time that music is our best friend. That, and a good book. Unless you’re travelling with a real life friend, but even then you sometimes want your alone time. Pack that extra pair just in case something happens & you can’t find a place to buy ’em.

4. A pocket language book (or an App like duolingo)

I love trying to communicate with locals in their own language. It goes a long way and you have fun doing it!

french it up.gif


5. A scarf

Your outfit may be missing that perfect scarf which you can pair time & time again with different ensembles – nobody will ever know it’s the scarf that’s actually making you look on point every time. And, it’s great as an extra blanket if the airplane is freezing, or if the heaters are broken in your hotel room with repairs scheduled for the next morning.

Unless you’re Elsa.


6. A notebook

I literally almost cried because I forgot to bring a notebook on my last trip. I love documenting cool things that happened, simple life lessons or anything and everything I was thankful for that day. My mom suggested I use my phone but it’s honestly not the same.


7. Moisturizer 

I’m not only talking about lotion for your dry skin. I tend to forget to bring a good make-up remover on trips. Apparently moisturizer works just as well!

8. A light heart 

Sometimes you don’t know how much to tip, or how to say “good night”, or who to ask for directions. A light heart is the freedom to laugh at yourself if you make mistakes – you’re travelling to learn anyway.

9. An open mind

We tend to forget that our cultural values may differ from other peoples’ and the way they communicate may be different. Not all countries are as “sorry” and “thankful” as Canadians. People show respect in different ways around the world.

You don’t need an adapter to be open to adapting – it’s self-powered.


But still, bring that adapter.

Happy travels!




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