To the ladies out there, thank you #InternationalWomensDay

I wanted to text all my lady friends to wish them a Happy International Women’s Day tomorrow but, then I was like, these messages won’t do my gratitude any justice. So, let’s give a blog-worthy shout out to all the women in our lives who are extraordinarily loveable and amazing in their own special way.

To the mothers out there: you have given up so much of yourselves, whether it’s time or energy, or whether the last hug before our trip or the last piece of bread. You work hard both emotionally and physically to make sure your children know they are loved. Your “behind the scenes” is never praised, and your “on the front-lines” is often considered embarrassing or annoying by us – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You are the strongest women in the world, yet you never boast about your strength. You are the kindest women in the world, yet you never remind us of your forgiveness. You are ever omniscient and omnipresent, we don’t know how you do it and you don’t feel the need to tell us. Your love is what drives you, and we always need you to be the driver. Spiritually and sometimes literally.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.04.57 PM.png

To the grandmothers out there: you are wise women, who only want the best for your children, yet the absolute best for your grandchildren. You are special people in our lives, and your recipes wouldn’t have carried onto our generation if they weren’t made with love. Even if we’re full to our toes, you want to make sure we’re well fed – and we appreciate it though it seems like we don’t. You know just the type of drink we need at a certain hour of the day, and every type of humour we need at any point in time.

Thank you for your resilience, your belief in the future, and your ever-giving spirit. And, thank you for showing the world that you are more than women meant to be stay-at-home mothers. Because, your daughters have been fighting back the past 40 years now. You raised your daughters with lessons you learned and hoped to pass on, and you were successful.

PS thank you for always remembering to celebrate your grandkids, at any and every occasion.


To my female supervisors/managers: you are nurturing and motivating in ways you don’t acknowledge. You inspire, you lead with integrity, and you make sure everyone in the room feels included. Even though there’s not one ounce of bossiness in your personality, some people will label you as that but you don’t let it bother you because you know who you are. The fear you have that your leadership role may be misconstrued as holding the “bossy lady” position is a worldly lie, and I hope we can work to eradicate these stereotypes together. I thank you for being a woman in leadership. You are not an imposter, you are everything women strive to be.

To my girlfriends and aunts: without you, the world would be like ice-cream held in a crappy cone that you can’t stop from melting in your hands. Your support is everything. Your company is bliss. You help me see the good in every gut-wrenching situation. You make sure I’m taking care of myself before I take care of my schooling or work, even if that means you’re going to take me out for an early morning brunch or if you’re going to force me to go get my nails done. I believe in you as much as you believe in me. We are inseparable – we will change the world together. I love you, and I wish I could remind the women in your life everyday that they did an amazing job raising you.

To my female teachers/professors, both past and present: you are our daytime mothers. For the past decade or so, I spent most of my days in a classroom with a teacher that was almost always a woman. I think I probably called her “mom” by accident more times than I should have. Thank you for making sure I wasn’t totally going to be screwed up. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to feel the pressure of maintaining and even raising the self-esteem of all 30 of your students all at once. But thank you.

Thank you for controlling your hanger and exhaustion when we were the loudest. You saw past that – you made sure we were headed to a place of potential. A place of joy. And a place you would be proud to know about. Starting in September, you kept to your vision, and it paid off every. single. time. Teachers, you are the mothers of education. Though you don’t get the compensation you deserve, you do your job anyway because you believe – and we appreciate you.



Had to include a man’s pic too because we gotta give all teachers credit for this one

To all the women in my life that have had an impact on me: you need to know that without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You have all given me purpose and life so that I may pass it on. Your care and attention for me is not going unnoticed, and you don’t hear it enough that you are absolutely enough. You are more than enough, actually. You are the sky, omnipresent and beautiful. You are the clouds, because when united, you can drive out storms. You are the change. You are the day. Happy International Women’s Day. Today is yours. As is every other one. Seize it always ❤️

Much love,


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