Daaaamnn winter back at it again with the gloomy weather

Today felt like nothing short of a messy commute and inconveniencing day of school, can I get an Amen!?

But, I just wrote a 5-page essay today about rain and the future of our climate (all in a matter of 10 hours before the last minute it was due, might I add – *praying my TA doesn’t come across this*). And well, I learned that rain is actually a beautiful thing, contrary to popular belief and minus the negative light it’s been set under for centuries.

Shout out to Cynthia Barnett for her Rain!

Although, I was thinking. It’s true that the weather can actually affect our mood. As lovely as rain is, it can make us feel bummy. And, we’re coming closer to an age where rain will be a more frequent phenomenon and where the weather won’t be so lovely all the time. Will that mean that humanity won’t be so lovely all the time?

Here’s to knowing the effect the weather can have on us and doing something about it because THEY DON’T WANT US TO ENJOY THE RAIN. Sure, the roads are messy, we might get splashed with water by not-so-careful drivers, our car might not start up, or we may just freeze from head to toe. But hey, why should that be a reason for us to wake up with a frown on our face? Are we gonna let unchangeable circumstances be the deciding factor for how our day plays out?


No. We’re gonna get on that TTC in the morning.

We’re gonna wish the bus driver a good morning.

bus driver

We’re gonna get to class with a smile on our face (maybe with that coffee too if you really need it).

walking into class.gif

Look at all those readings I didn’t do

We’re gonna get some bomb a** notes down.


We’re gonna have a great lunch with a couple of friends.


We’re gonna trek our way back home.

rain 2

We’re gonna call it a great day.

great day.gif

Well, I guess we can add a key word into all of these steps… *try. We’re gonna try to do all of that.

It’s only going to make us stronger to face tougher commutes and gloomier days. And, we’ll be feeling better about ourselves and maybe we’ll make others around us feel better about themselves too. We might even forget that it’s a rainy day out there for a split second because our day was actually sunnier than expected in a sense.

Think about it, if you get used to making the best of your rainy days, you can still have a great wedding if it rains on your wedding day. Just keeping an eye out for the future y’all!

What I’m really trying to say is, rainy day or sunny day, it’s all about what you make it.

thumbs up 2.gif







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