Spaghetti and baseballs – Going deeper than dreams


I had a dream the other day that I was trying to catch a baseball but it suddenly turned into spaghetti! Like no plate, no container, just spaghetti and meatballs flat onto the palm of my hand. It gets weirder because I then turned to a friend and shared the spaghetti with them (straight out of my hand). I just thought my dream was trying to tell me I was hungry.

But, when I told my friend about my dream over dinner last night, we started to look deeper into it just for a little fun of our own. What they came up with blew my mind though and I just had to share it with y’all!

Let’s start with the baseball and the meaning behind my anticipation to catch it. We suggested I was probably looking forward to catching it because I knew the crowd would go wild – I’d have won the game for my hometown team and so, instant gratification just like that. But, it turned into spaghetti… which we thought could mean that your expectations may turn into the unexpected and the result could be something way more necessary and gratifying.

The spaghetti was like food for the soul. Sometimes when we chase the wrong type of success or happiness, it’s like God/the universe/whatever higher power you believe in wants to remind you, “Hey, this is what you really need. You’re hungry. You’re yearning for something more than what the baseball has to offer but you don’t know it. Here’s what you need.” Then bam, the spaghetti. (And, I can eat spaghetti for days and I won’t get bored!)

So we think it seems the baseball is a representation of what your eyes can only see and what your mind so minimally knows about what you need to satisfy you. The spaghetti represents the sometimes unexpected yet more fulfilling things you need in life.

That’s so relevant because so often I’ll mistake success for happiness and lose track of what is genuinely and long lastingly fulfilling.

On top of it all, the fact that I shared the spaghetti with a friend in my dream just made me think about the fact that once you have the food for the soul, whether it’d be that happiness you’ve been searching for or such, you can share it with others and replenish this world with the food it lacks.

You can’t share the baseball.




P.S. Is dream analyzing for a living a thing cause dang it’s hella fun!!!