8 signs that say you should go & love yourself

Chocolate-eating-flower-sniffing-Sunday-lovin’ is 5 days away!!

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The pink and red colour-inspired aisles at Wal-Mart, the new chick flicks in theatres, and the chocolates that go on sale on the 15th day of this month? I’m definitely a huge fan of V-day, but not just for the reasons the sales people at diamond stores and chocolate factories believe in. I think it’s an opportunity to stop and flatter the people you love with your time & attention – show them just how much they mean to you!

This Valentine’s Day, our lovely eAmbassdor team has chosen to write love letters to some very special people in our lives…


It’s important to remember that we deserve love from the person we spend the most time with. So I’ve written down below the 8 signs that tell me I need to show myself a little more love and if they apply to you at all, you’ve definitely been in my shoes!

8. You haven’t had a day to yourself in over a month

Watching Netflix for 8 hours straight because you’re running away from your readings doesn’t count.

7. Your need to please people is draining you of your energy

please people.gif

It’s totally cool to want to please the people you love, but if it’s taking away from your own mental and physical health you gotta step back and reevaluate the sitch.

6. You’re too nervous to ask for the right order if your waiter messes it up 

“Hi sorry!! Sorry to bother you, um I think I ordered the potatoes with that, not the coleslaw… I’m so sorry…”

Super subtle sign but you are what you eat – and if you knowingly eat the wrong order, wouldn’t that mean you’re out of order? Get those potatoes you ordered so you get your life back in order, babe!

5. You say sorry too much

See #6

4. The last time you looked in the mirror you pointed something out that you didn’t like about yourself

“My nose is so big oh my God.”

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, bigger nose = more air to breathe so you win.

3. You compare yourself to others (and never for the right reasons)

Your time on Instagram is mostly spent comparing yourself to other people – people you follow but definitely people like Kendall Jenner 99% of the time.

2. Compliments are like a foreign language to you 

Friend: Wow, your hair looks amazing today!



1. You’re scared of not keeping yourself busy enough that you end up having to be by yourself and with your thoughts

God forbid you have 3 hours to yourself to enjoy your own company.

Now, I gave you 8 signs that say you need to love yourself a little more from my experience. But, here’s what I think you should really check out: a post on 9 ways to love yourself that might help you find the love you may have lost for yourself (super normal to not like your own company every day of your life btw). I just think it’s super crucial that you recognize you’ve been neglecting self care – so flip to this article & re-channel the best version of yourself, love!

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Be sure to check out the love letters my fellow eAmbassadors wrote by using the hashtag #GLamour!
Also quick reminder that you’ve been wonderfully made, in case you forgot ❤
Happy Valentine’s Day,


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