No coffee? No problem!


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Walking out that Timmies w a smile on my face bcs I got alternatives!!!

I think looking at the Tim Horton’s line at around 9am & turning in the opposite direction is my specialty. Y’all know those days when your coffee is so close but yet so far so you automatically declare it an off-day.

But good news; this cherished cup of hope for a good day – better known as coffee – can be replaced with cheaper & healthier options… because I’m concerned for myself when I think about how much I depend on coffee and for a lack of it to be my excuse for being grumpy.

So I’m ditching the coffee for these alternatives!

1. L’eau!

Sometimes, you just feel out of it/tired because you’re dehydrated. You haven’t had anything to drink in the past 6-10 hours so you’re probably feeling heavy because your body needs some liquid to work with. Lemon water is your best bet! Chug down a couple of bottles and you’ll forget you’re tired because you’ll probably have to pee all day. But hey, whatever it takes to steer away from that line-up.


2. Tea! 

If I still need a bigger kick in the morning & I’m not willing to make coffee (aka I don’t have a Keurig machine) I’ll choose tea. I’ll boil water as I get dressed (because they don’t call me a multi-tasker in her dreams for nothing) so that once the kettle rings, I’ve got my rings on my fingers so my outfit’s on point, and I’m ready to grab a tea bag and drop it in my tumbler. It’s hardly teadious to make.

And, sometimes I’ll have non-caffeinated tea but I won’t even know it because I don’t read the tea boxes so there’s a placebo effect on me and I think I’m awake because of my tea. So, healthy and awake? Cheers.


3. Walk!

Instead of waiting 15 minutes in line only to wait another 5 for my coffee – I’ll take a walk around school before my 3-hour lecture. You’re bound to feel refreshed and more awake than you felt 20 minutes earlier. And if you really realllllly want that coffee, grab it during break – Timmies is only crowded before the most common start times for lectures because people want their coffee fix. But better yet, if you make exercise a daily habit… say goodbye to coffee cravings forever because you won’t need any extra substance outside of yourself to fuel your body. This leads me to my last and well-known-yet-easy-to-neglect point:

4. Patterns!

I know caffeine can be replaced with a healthy diet and a good sleeping pattern – though let’s be real here, easier said than done. But if you know you have something driving you to give up caffeine, whether it’d be the long line-ups, the health factors, or the cringe-worthy hundreds of dollars spent on coffee per year, get on a healthy plan for your daily meals and hibernation needs! Use these tips to your best advantage & ditch that daily cup of coffee with me.

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