Taking care of yourself as a commuter

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My 24h drink this week!

So 1st week into this semester and I’ve already gotten sick *insert crying emoji*,  but anybody who knows me personally knows I’m infection-prone aka my immune system is as weak as my love for flu shots (though which I should probably get from now on).

I’ve gotten “Why are you always sick!?”, or “Stop getting sick!!!!” about twice a day from either family, friends, profs, bosses… or all of them.



I’m not 100% sure if it’s because of the fact that I’m a commuter in a germ-infested world but I think it’s time I start taking better care of myself regardless and I thought why not give you the tips I’ll be using on how to better equip yourself during this flu season. We all know it’s super easy to contract germs on the TTC and subway systems this time of year, and I wouldn’t want any of you going through bowls of chicken noodle soup for all your daily meals and a congested nose for days.

As a non-sick and non-willing-to-get-sick commuter, here’s what you can do: 

  1. Try to get the back seats as much as possible because that way you don’t have people standing over you and breathing on you as much as you would if you sat near the front. And, it’s probably less crowded back there anyway.
  2. Hand-sanitizers are your best
  3. Waking up a couple of minutes earlier every day can get you on the bus less crowded, and that’s the bus you want to take, you know it. (LOL but y’all are probably like…”I can barely wake up and she wants me to roll back my alarm clock”) K true, I feel you.
  4. When in doubt, wear a scarf. Just incase someone’s coughing relentlessly near you, you can always dig your nose into your scarf.
  5. Hand-sanitizers are your best friends.

What to do if you’re the sick commuter:

  1. Avoid talking to others on the bus! I know how much you wanna catch up with that old friend you spot on the bus but for the sake of saving your voice and for their health as well, just smile and wave. If they really want to talk (I know you probably want to too) just let them know you have a cold, at least you’ll feel like you did your part to let them know.
  2. Carry tissues – at all times.
  3. Cough/sneeze in your elbow!!! This is just mainly for that mild peace of mind you can give to others during your commute.
  4. Hand sanitizers are your best friends.
  5. Have a bottle of water/tumbler of tea with you in case you get a cough attack. Or, simply because you should probably stay hydrated during that 1-2 hour commute.coughing
  6. Stay clear of the doors or open windows. The cold air won’t do you well.cold
  7. And finally, hand sanitizers are your best friends. 

I hope these tips will help you out this semester and I hope you stay healthy as the trooper commuter that you are, you’re stronger than any germs!

Happy commuting!





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