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What I did when I didn’t know what to do

Ever felt like your life was a game of twister? You’ve got your left foot on the green, your right hand on the red, and your face squished between someone’s stomach and someone else’s thigh.


You’re doing a little bit of that, a little bit of this, but you’ve lost sight of what you really want to do. You may be a volunteer at your local community centre, an employee in retail, a student in Political Science, while also maybe helping out at a Senior home on weekends. I think that’s amazing – especially for you to be pursuing all of that at once –  but let me stop you for a second.

Are you doing it for yourself or for your résumé?

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life back in high school (that’s not to say I do now), but I did stop trying to take on so much just for the sake of improving my résumé for that non-existant job opportunity. I just wanted my résumé to look long and full because I thought that was what mattered.

Now I try to do as much in order to get closer to figuring myself out. I don’t want to do any of it in order to fill my résumé with fancy job positions I’ve held or to prove to someone else that I’m a good person because I’ve fundraised once or twice (without really being passionate about the cause sometimes.)


Think about it, if you’re trying to advance your résumé without knowing exactly what you’re advancing it for, you’re really only trying to impress someone you haven’t even met yet.

You need to be out there hoping to impress yourself with the skills and talents you’re bound to find that you never knew you had, or with the qualities you’ll realize make you who you are.


Do more. 

Go out there and find opportunities to meet new people, discover new job titles you had no idea were even a thing, and look for something that makes you want to get out of bed and get dressed for.

gettign up.gif

Be patient.

Time isn’t running out. This fast paced world makes you feel like you need to be a Nobel Prize winning scientist at the age of 16. Go at a pace that makes you happy.

Know that there’s a plan.

There’s a plan for your life. The older you get, the more you realize why things didn’t happen the way you wanted them to. And, you’d be completely happy with the way things actually turned out.

thumbs up

Realize your potential.

As cliche as that might sound, just know how capable you are of achieving whatever you put your mind to. The human being is able to take on more than it thinks.

And finally, keep learning!

When you learn more about yourself,  you’ll learn more about the world around you – and this brings you that much closer to finding your place in life. Nobody needs your fancy résumé, they just want you and your confident self. And, this learning I’m talking about can take place not just through your text books and triumphs, but through your mistakes especially.

PS. I just wrote an email backing out from an opportunity today because I admitted to myself that I was only doing it for my résumé. It sucks that it took me a long time to figure out that I wasn’t completely passionate about it, because now I’m causing inconvenience for the organization. But, on the bright side: I guess now I’m a little closer to finding out what I actually want to do with that time I’ll have.

Keep searching, keep living – you’ve got so much good coming your way!

Much love,







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  1. This post was so relieving, I don’t feel quite as burdened to do a bunch of stuff for the sake of having experience in a certain field now 🙂 and it’s important to know when to back out of something when it’s not important for you, so you can set priorities. You go girl!

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    • Wow thanks so much Juan!! And, I wish you best of luck in your final semester. You’re going places! 🙂


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