3 truths a procrastinator knows all too well

3 phrases that prove you are a procrastinator:

1. You’re supposed to be doing something else right now


2. You could be catching up on sleep instead


3. You’re still reading this


………LOL omg sorry guys this isn’t a legit post. I’m engulfed in exam notes & I’m currently working on a presentation BUT, I wanted to give y’all your weekly dose of EAUSV (Elle a une soif de vivre) so here’s a sign you should get back to work (as should I…)!

Listen to a compilation of Justin Bieber’s songs from his new album while you work, it’s bound to help you focus! (Maybe not actually, you might just daydream of being his gf… no? Just me then)

Only 25 days till Christmas!!



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    • LOL AW I DIDN’T MEAN IT hahaha I’m pointing at myself tbh I should really get back to studying..


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