From an A to a C real quick


If only I could drop this low on the dance floor

Coming into university, I had no idea what to expect in terms of grades. I’d hear my friends in upper years talk about how their average dropped dramatically and that it’s all normal, but I didn’t believe them until I got my first C+ in French, my Major…

It was like first I got a slap in the face when I saw my mark then a kick to the stomach when I realized it’s what I’m supposed to be best at.

But, I’ll admit I didn’t put in 100% of my time and effort into my work the first month of school, so I wasn’t too heartbroken. It bothered me for about a week but then I made a game plan (which was basically a self pep talk to get my life together & to try a little harder). This is where the hope plays in.

Here’s a break down of the grading system at York University:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.43.32 PM.png

When I started to doubt my place in university, I thought to myself, “What if I’m not made out for university because I’m average.” “What if born-smart people are only meant for this?” But I stopped myself when the overthinking was getting out of hand.

They wouldn’t have the grading system ranging from A to F if they thought you weren’t made out to get an education. They’d only make it an A or nothing. That’s why low grades exist; to tell us if we tried a little harder, we’d reach our full potential which is ultimately an A+. If you get anything less, it means there’s room for improvement.

In fact, I put in a couple of hours more of study time and practice ever since that 65% drop and now my running average went from a C+ to a B, and the semester isn’t over yet!

So this goes out to anybody feeling less than great about their academic life. Be honest with yourself. Are you really giving it your all or could you do that extra reading or send that email for further clarification of the assignment? You gotta go out and get yourself those A’s. C’s might get degrees but A’s bring out the sun rays (& they’ll keep you feeling high for days… ok I’m done). But really try to give it your all, because your grades do matter, though just remember that they don’t define you.

Chin up, you got this!




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    • LOOOL AW I’m so glad it helped you out, but I KNOW you got this! Just the fact that you gave this a read tells me you care enough about your grades and trust me, you’re right on your way to achieving your best. Can you taste the victory, presque? Keep going, love! ❤


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