Je m’excuse, I’m currently in a web!

will return shortlyI’m on the web right now oui bien sûr mais, this past week I’ve found myself to be trapped in a real life web!

And to steer away from my uncontrollable usage of metaphors, I just basically want to say that I’ve been super engulfed with a million things right now because life happens, you know how it is! And, I’ve been wanting to talk about a topic that I really care about for a while now but I want to share it with you when I can express my thoughts to the best of my ability, which is taking a lot more time than anticipated (you know how we perfectionists do)!

Nevertheless, do not fret – because in the meantime, tune in to watch this video which I found to be just pure perfection and relevant to the max!

Keep smiling beauties and be nice even on those days when you’re missing that sugar and spice!

Happy Tuesday,