The (not so) dreadful Uni paper

So you fear university papers because you assume it requires 1000 hours of research, 50 references, professional editing, and no sleep…

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But wait… there’s hope!!

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I just submitted my first university paper last night for a philosophy class and let me put you at ease. I spent 10 hours max. on it, my paragraphs had no structuring, and it was 602 words in total. I got it edited at the writing centre at Glendon in the morning (SUPER extremely grateful for the tutors there) and then I submitted it online later in the day. Handing it in was the easiest thing I’d ever done!

Seriously, it was like one button:

I’ll be honest, I was on the same boat with you a year ago, but I came ashore. I expected university papers to be overwhelming and I saw them as that one dreadful process I’d have to go through every other day. But, it’s really not that bad. Our professor had given us a topic to choose from 2 weeks in advance, his lectures helped me understand the reading better, and the class read at the same pace! I actually think it was easier than writing a high school essay… There’s none of that sandwich scheme to follow and that “no first-person” rule.

University papers are more freeing! They allow you to express yourself without having the anxiety of having to meet standards or biases of your teachers. You get to write your heart out and you don’t really care if your ideas are right or wrong. A part of you feels like you’ve become a genius philosopher, or maybe that’s just me. And, so what if you get a 65% because your professor said you understood the text/assignment the wrong way? Maybe you got more out of it for yourself than your prof did, but that’s the beauty of writing. You discover you have opinions that you didn’t know existed inside of you until someone challenges them.


Obviously there’ll be papers that require you to do more research and such, but they’ll come to haunt you in good time. By then, I’m sure you’ll probably want to talk for 20 pages straight; it’ll probably be a subject you’re passionate about!
So if you’re hoping to go to university but are unsure of your capabilities in keeping up with the writing standards, don’t stress! If I can do it, SO CAN YOU. This is coming from someone who relied on Sparknotes for every Shakespearean novel, okay? You’re fine.
Wow I really hope my previous teachers don’t read this LOL

Have a good one y’all & happy thanksgiving! ❤



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  1. PHILOSOPHY!!!! Which course are you taking? Philosophy papers are so freeing because SO MUCH of it is based on your own opinions and questions and concerns. Isn’t it cool that we’re allowed to write papers that say, “there’s an unanswered question here… someone should answer it” now? Ahhh, university ❤

    I love that you took advantage of the Writing Centre, something I have yet to do… Hope you aced that paper 🙂

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    • I’m taking Truth, Mind & Reality! 🙂 Yeahhh that’s exactly what I’ve been loving about university so far haha! Omg the writing centre just makes you feel so much better about your paper, I’ll probably end up booking an appointment for every important paper! 😂 Thanks a bunch, I really hope so too!!


  2. “I’ll be honest, I was on the same boat with you a year ago, but I came ashore” – LOVE this line! Uni essays give you so much room for passion and individuality, I’m glad you enjoyed writing your first one 🙂

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    • AW thank you so much 😭 and I guess you could say it just “sailed” into my head ahaha (I should probably stop now or else I won’t be able to) thanks for your lovely comment, I agree 100%! I can’t wait to write another one! 😊


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