On a bus for 90 days…

ttcI just did math for the first time in a very long time today and turns out, I spend about 90 full days of my life a year… on a bus. That’s almost 3 WHOLE MONTHS which is basically 25% of my year spent doing nothing but waiting to get somewhere. That sounds awfully familiar. 

bus gif

We tend to spend so much time waiting for things to happen when we could be achieving things through baby steps. During that 25% a year, I could be doing that much more to achieve something that helps better my mental or physical health. It doesn’t seem like you could do much in an hour of commute time but it can make a huge difference when you realize at the end of the year that if it wasn’t for the 2 hours a day of bus rides, you wouldn’t have been able to finish that philosophy book. Instead of staring at people and buildings on my way to school and back, feeling fascinated by the concept of sonder, I could be minimizing my stress levels without even realizing it…

Here are a few things I’ve started to do on my commutes that I find are helping me better cope with the ride and my to-do list at the same time:

1. I listen to inspiring talks to keep me feeling motivated about the day ahead (click the pictures to check them out for yourself)

tedtalk    screen480x480              soulpancake

2. I browse through DIY ideas on every girl’s favourite website


3. I look for opportunities

Usually when I’m on my phone, I tend to look through all my social media sites and then I scroll through them a second time and refresh 10x thinking something new will appear. Instead, I’ve tried something new where I read the news and interesting articles, esp. Huffington Post. I also look for events and search for positions to work/volunteer around the city. I once filled out an application on the bus!

4. I read for class or for fun if I’m all caught up on my readings (aka never)

5. I’ll have a conversation with the person beside me… SOMETIMES

You can actually have such an enjoyable commute just by being friendly to the person beside you. I’m not saying to poke the person and start a random conversation, but do be open-minded on the bus. You can actually learn a lot by talking to a stranger every now and then. I know it’s been said not to talk to strangers, but I’m not telling you to give them your phone number or address. Maybe talk about the weather and who knows, you might meet someone who’s experienced weather in the Amazon, which is pretty dang cool.

6. I eat, no surprise there…

I always have my meals on the go. It feels like I get a lot of this though:

bus 2 gif

They probably just want my fries.

But any way, it’s like they say: If there’s something that can be done on a bus, don’t leave it for later and make a fuss! Just kidding, I don’t think anybody actually says that. But, hey it’s true! Try to occupy those 2 hours a day with productivity because when you look back, you don’t want to think you wasted 90 days of your life on a bus.

wasting time meme

Happy commuting, I hope you can tolerate it a little more now!