“We love you Frosh week, yes we do!”

IMG_5340“We love you frosh week, it’s true!” 

It’s been about a week since Frosh ended and I’ve definitely started to reminisce. The first day set the bar for the rest of the week, and that’s the day I knew I didn’t waste $144 of my low standing bank account.

Day 1!

I’ve listed my “prior-to-frosh” excuses I made not to attend Frosh Week & I’ve written a letter to myself for each excuse proving myself wrong:

1. “It’s SO expensive.” 

Honey, you’re getting NINE days of events you don’t pay for individually including Wonderland, Wasaga Beach, and countless trips to the Keele Campus. On top of that, food is provided for you at least 4 times, you get a laundry-sized bag full of Glendon/York U swag, and as a commuter you get to stay overnight in an air-conditioned room with no additional cost. Most university frosh weeks cost like $80 and only last for 3 days. Glendon’s Frosh Week will be worth it, don’t worry about the money.


Founders froshie!! We “found her”





2. “I won’t make friends.” 

You’ll make friends whether you like it or not. Period. But knowing you, you’ll definitely want to talk to every single person you come across, so there’s nothing to worry about. Everyone is super cool and friendly. Plus, you actually meet a friend you haven’t seen in almost 7 years. You meet a past co-worker who is in the same exact program as you. You meet someone who lives in your neighbourhood. And, you find someone who shares your birthday, just to name a few of the amazing people you’ll bump into. So now that classes are starting up, you have at least 2 people you know in each one of your classes. Thanks to Frosh Week, you’ll actually have fun in class!


3. “I want to be prepared for the first day of school. Frosh cuts into the first day.” 

You'll learn that this is the staircase to the gym...

You’ll learn that this is the staircase to the gym…

20150909_201849It’s nothing to worry about. The frosh events tend to be later in the day when school starts up, and it’s only 2 days of balancing school with frosh week. It’s actually motivating in a way because after class, you look forward to an event later in the day! Also, you’re first to get your eyes on some textbooks people are looking to sell (they’re up on bulletins all over the school). So, you’d probably be more prepared than someone who didn’t participate in frosh.

And to state the obvious… you’ll get to know your way around the school way better than a non-froshie!

4. Parental concern/excuse: “Is there drugs/alcohol!?” 

Our frosh is dry – strictly dry. Plus, even if it wasn’t a sober Frosh Week, you won’t have to participate in any of that if you don’t want to; it’s your choice. Nobody forces you to do anything at Frosh.

better not

So dear excuse-maker me, you HAVE to go to Frosh Week. If you really want to enjoy your first year in university, you need to try something new. Stay on your feet, study hard, but don’t forget to have fun. Frosh Week will remind you what it means to have fun.
You say you got a thirst for life, so prove it and explore the events and opportunities that are right in front of you! #YOFO


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