JumpStart – More Like A Leap!

35 hours, 18 lectures, 1 fried-happy brain… That’s JumpStart!

The folder that carried all the (golden) notes

The folder that carried all the (golden) notes

Over the past 5 days, I took part in a program called JumpStart, and as much as my brain basically almost jumped out of the frying pan, I enjoyed all of the spark and fun. The program aims to teach future students the tricks of the trade that is known as university, because Glendon is basically your full-time job from now on. So whether you’re at res or you’re a commuter, an international student or a local…

JumpStart really gives you that advantage over others who didn’t participate. It’s like that training and orientation you get before the first day of work, except without any pressure from a supervisor or boss… unless your parents are still your bosses?

At JumpStart, you become one step closer to figuring out what you like and who you are. You get a feel of being a university student, you learn how to advance yourself academically, and how to grow socially and spiritually. And when you participate, you can always be that nice friend who shares what they learned with others who didn’t, especially when your friends don’t know how to use the library at Glendon. (Speaking of, if anybody needs any notes or have any questions related to expectations of first year, academic success, or becoming a better leader, message me here and I’d be happy to help!)

We took in so much information over the course of the program, and it was worth feeling brain dead. #dontgetdead #froshreference The courses were actually all so motivational and the speakers were incredibly passionate and entertaining. My personal favourite workshop/lecture was RESILIENCE: A (VERY) SHORT COURSE ON MANAGING HARDSHIP by Marc Wilchesky. There were so many other great ones like Making Presentation Technology Work for You, Nurturing Powerful Networks and Relationships, and Strategies for Lecture Notes, just to name a few.

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone but I got so much more out of the experience than I expected. It really gave me that boost of confidence I needed to feel prepared for first year. And can we just take a second to talk about the amazing people you have the privilege of meeting? I met so many incredible people of all sorts of different backgrounds, programs, and personalities. And, going into frosh now, I feel so much more comfortable because I see so many familiar faces all around.

At the moment, I’m participating in Frosh Week (orientation week) and it’s been a blast! It’s only the second day, but man is my voice starting to crack! The cheering, singing, and mingling… so good for the soul but oh so bad for the throat! Though, you only frosh once #yofo #GLOWEEK #GL2019

If you really want to feel at ease going into first year, and if you want to experience a smooth leap into university life, participate in JumpStart! Take that leap of faith and step out of your comfort zone, you’ll launch yourself closer to success and happiness without even realizing it.

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